About Mommy Totes


Mommy Totes is a labor of love and creativity.

My name is Alexandra and I am a mom of 2 toddlers, Sophia and Dylan . When I was expecting my second baby, my husband searched far and wide for a perfect hospital bag that would include all the necessary items I would need for my hospital stay. After several attempts, he could not find a bag that fit the bill and ended up piecing together his own hospital bag. An idea was born…Why not come up with an all-in-one bag filled with top essentials that make moms feel nurtured and beautiful on their big day.

Fast forward to today. I am very involved in many mommy groups and constantly come across posts asking, "What did you pack in your hospital bag when giving birth? What are your top essentials when packing for the hospital?

Personally knowing there is a demand for such a product coupled with my drive to succeed is how Mommy Totes came about. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.